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Our Orange Turmeric Goats Milk Soap not only smells great but has great antioxidant, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Handcrafted with organic turmeric sourced from India this moisturizing soap works wonders for your whole body. Turmeric gives the soap a beautiful color and is known to purify the body and brighten skin, and reduce acne. It helps promote smooth and elastic skin. The orange scent will uplift your mood and energize your mind and body and Orange Essential Oils are known to be great for acne-prone skin, collagen production, fading blemishes and scars and has anti-aging properties. All our soaps include the miracle oil know as Moringa Oil, which is one of the most healing oils in existence! If you learned of a single product that moisturises, brightens, reduces dark spots, boasts several anti-aging benefits, and helps build collagen, we can bet you’d be interested – right? Look no further because that ingredient is Moringa oil. Moringa is an extremely lightweight miracle oil that has long been valued in non-western traditional cultures for its numerous benefits.

Treat yourself to a soap with luxurious lather, no additional chemicals, preservatives or impurities. Goat Milk Soap is PH balanced beneficial for sensitive skin and decrease in dryness of skin.  Goats milk is incredibly soothing for sensitive dry skin. The plentiful vitamins and minerals in goats milk help fortify the skins natural barrier.


NOTE: In order to extend the life of artisan soap as much as possible, you’ll want to keep it dry in between uses by letting it drain on a soap dish or soap saver bag rather than just letting it sit directly on your counter top or shower ledge.





Sweet Orange & Turmeric

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