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This wonderful healing under eye creaam is made with fresh ground coffee beans that have been infused in Moringa oil (from the Miracle Tree). It helps with puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. It also helps with wrinkles & crows feet so it can be used anywhere needed. Use with our Pure & Lovely Facial Serum and you will be feeling younger in no time :)


Ingredients & Benefits:


MORINGA OIL -absorbs easily into the skin, improving the appearance and radiance of skin. It has skin healthy nutrients like vitamin A, which helps build collagen in the skin, vitamin C to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and the healing and anti-inflammatory benefits of vitamin E.

  • MORINGA OIL contains 72% of oleic acid. It penetrates very deep into the skin, bringing the necessary nutrients to the skin and hair, helping it to retain moisture. 
  • MORINGA OIL helps to improve the appearance of wrinkles and prevents sagging of facial muscles. Plant hormones called cytokinins help to promote cell growth and delay damage and destruction of skin tissues. Vitamin C stabilizes collagen and helps reduce fine lines and repair damaged skin cells.
  • MORINGA OIL has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is used to heal minor skin abrasions; minor cuts and scrapes, bruises, burns, insect bites, rashes, and sunburn and skin infections.


COFFEE BEANS- “Caffeine is soothing, anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictive, which can decrease redness and puffiness,” explains certified clinical and research dermatologist Dr. Jeannette Graf. By narrowing blood vessels and calming skin, caffeine can temporarily reduce under-eye bags.


SHEA BUTTER-  naturally stimulates collagen production to increase skin firmness. This can improve the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes. Even better, it helps reduce inflammation to combat puffiness. You're also getting a nourishing dose of vitamins A and E for healthier skin.


COCOA BUTTER-effectively treats and fades dark circles under the eye. Cocoa butter also contains anti-inflammatory agents that treat dark circles from the inside out.


JOJOBA OIL- is the perfect moisturizer. It can help slow down the appearance of aging, and help to fade fine lines and wrinkles. In dermatological tests, it was shown that Jojoba Oil increases the skin's suppleness and the effect was still present as time passed.


ROSEHIP OIL- This oil has long been used as a folk remedy for wound healing, as well as the reduction of scars and fine lines. One 2015 study on rosehip powder showed a significant reduction in the appearance of fine lines around the eyes, also known as crow's feet, after eight weeks of treatment.


LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL-is known for its cooling and soothing properties. It helps to drain out fluid stored under the eyes that eventually cause under eye bags.


VITAMIN E OIL-Powerful antioxidant properties make vitamin E oil effective in fighting off free radicals and reducing UV damage while softening the appearance of hyperpigmentation and wrinkles around the under-eye area


CHAMOMILE ESSENTIAL OIL-is loaded with antioxidants which accelerate cell and tissue regeneration, helps minimize pores, and has anti-aging properties


Size- 1 full Oz.

Coffee Infused Eye Cream

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