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Enjoyed by Men -Loved by Women
Deep Waters Beard Oil & Balm mimics the natural oils produced by the skin. Primarily composed of
all-natural carrier oils, it absorbs quickly and completely. Our products are designed to soften your beard hair and relieve the itch while growing.  Most importantly, our Oils & Balms offer nourishment to the skin under the beard and the hair follicles themselves, resulting in the disappearance of dandruff. 

-Embrace your Uniqueness-


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What our Customers are Saying...

Hot Buttered Rum Beard Oil & Balm

"This scent is similar to one of my favorite scents of all time! There’s a couple other companies I’ve tried that have a scent like this...But here’s why yours is TRULY better. I put your balm on my beard around 2:00, and it still smells amazing, and it still smells THE SAME, at 3 hours later. One of the other company’s similar scent fades so fast (which for some of us guys, the scent is at least half the purpose, AND the fun 😁).. And the one from the other company has this really weird, unpleasant smell after about an hour, where the “good part” fades away, you were left with a strong, slightly bitter, semi “chemically” smell. But your scent is fantastic, not overbearing, and doesn’t fade away quickly. It stays consistent, and doesn’t have any “nasty” smells that creep up. The balm, is definitely in the “medium hold” category for me, and is poured SO beautifully, and consistently. And even crazier/better? I did NOT have to wipe off my hands, or wash them with hot soapy water due to a greasy residue. I put it in my beard, wiped the excess on my arms (which is a common thing in the beard world lol) and my hands feel amazing, without being all greasy or sticky. The true test, is that it didn’t leave behind any greasy finger prints on my computer keyboard, or my phone screen! This is LITERALLY a HOME RUN! I’m truly blown away with how amazing you did for just recently starting this journey. And that’s said with 100% sincerity! I’ve made TONS of purchases from companies who have been doing this for years, that can’t hold a candle to what you gave me today! We’ve gotta get this out to the masses, so they can experience REAL quality!"  -Justin H. 

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