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Paintings, Music & More



I am so excited for my Painting Series. I was a former Art Teacher and I have always had a passion to Paint. I have several pieces that are in the curation stage but as soon as they are ready I will be posting them. Please check back in 2 weeks. I PROMISE it will be worth the wait!


But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience. 

Romans 8:25

-  MUSIC  -


My husband and I have performed together for over 20 years. It has been our main career and we have LOVED doing it with our family in the Beautiful town of Branson, Mo. Our show and our Music have been award winning and we feel blessed to have been able to do what we love. Due to Covid things in our career changed a little bit. Doing everything we could to keep things going, but one of just greatest things we have done during this transition time is Produce a New Album! This Cd project is some of our BEST WORK EVER! We can not wait to share it with you. Our latest project is an Album we dedicate to our kids and grandkids and all those to come. It's called "A Tale as old as Time" and it is timeless music for all ages done in our own unique and beautiful style. All of those that follow us know this is a cd you want to own. Cherished songs for little ones and beautiful harmonies and reminiscing for adults. 

Tale as old as time Cd Cover.jpg



This project is in studio right now but should be released within the month. If you would like to preorder our NEW CD we will get it to you as soon as it is RELEASED! Be one of the first to experience

"A Tale as old as Time"

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