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The Lord planted this desire in my heart after watching my sweet baby girl go through the worst day of her life…the loss of her daddy. I hated not being able to be there to hold her due to quarantine. I hated her not being able to mourn with her family due to Covid. I hated seeing her go through the Deepest Waters she had ever been and feeling like I couldn’t do anything.

Having a Passion for Art, I came across a painting that moved me so deeply. My daughter Mckayla has an incrediable LOVE for whales so this felt like a true message for her dring her time of need…





















whale pic.jpg
whale 2.jpg
Hand of God.jpg

When we feel like we are drowning in despair. It’s knowing there is someone huge underneath us, lifting us up, keeping us from drowning, that makes all the difference in the world.   

When we are going through that storm…KNOWING there is ALWAYS someone there to pull us up…into His loving Arms...Is the difference between life and death.

Oh, to be able to give that hope to people when they are in need. My heart has been so broken recently with people who have loss so much from careers to loved ones...some even taking their own life because they felt like there was no HOPE. My heart cried out with saddness for them because there is HOPE.

Thus began this longing inside of me to able to do something that would make a difference…even if just in the slightiest way…to be a light in such a dark time for our world. I’ve always lived my life that way…tring to bring a smile to someones face…trying to be positive when things seemed bad…trying to make a difference by being the best me I could be. However there has always been something inside of me tugging at my soul that I needed to do more. That I was called to a bigger purpose than just giving someone a smile that needed it. I spent many years as an Art Teacher and  I thought perhaps I was making that difference…but I found myself coming home so many days crying because I wasn’t allowed to really reach out and help these children that were so lost. I have also spent many years as an Entertainer with my husband and I thought that being onstage would give me a platform to reach people in a positive way…however, the entertainment business is a stressful overwhelming machine that consumes you…and even though I still love to touch people that way,  I was still longing for more of a purpose.


During the loss that my daughter was going through, I looked around and saw so many going through so much. My family loosing my Uncle and so many friends losing their loved ones... so many losing their income and dreams in the entertainment business because of new covid stipulations. Everyone feeling a loss in one way or another…and I realized that EVERYONE was going through Deep Waters…and my heart felt such saddness for these times. What could I do to make a difference?

Around this time I decided to make a whale for McKayla's unborn daughter Capri that would represent 


"When you go through the Deep Waters I will be with You"

dwb 86.jpg

Many of Mckayla’s friends, as well as mine online, loved it and said I should make them to sell. Thus began the idea for the boutique…what if I could make items and give them a spiritual meaning... or what if I prayed for each person before I mailed their item?  What if I send them a note from the artist with a verse that would lift their spirits? Could I bring a little light into someones day? What if I made a place for people to reach out during their Deep Waters and ask for prayer? What if I had a team to work with me to make this happen?

Thus began Deep Water Boutique. A unique place to find items for all ages that have been made with love and blessed with hope.

“He reached down from on high and took hold of me; He drew me out of the Deep Waters”

2 Samuel 22:17

hand of God 2.jpg

 Hallelujah! What a beautiful visual! 

Our Team wants to be here to bless you during your bringing Joy, Inspiration, Love and Hope.

From My Heart to Yours,

Shelia Renee

For Prayer Request:

Along with myself, there are several talented and beautiful people that help make up our team. 

Mckayka pic.JPG

  McKayla Ennis

Photographer & Artist

carla pic.JPG

Carla Ennis

Home & Gifts Artist

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