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"When you go through deep waters, I will be with you..."
Isaiah 43:2

Thank you for visiting Deep Waters Boutique. A small business with a large heart.
We  focus on strengthening your beauty from the inside out.
Gifts made with love and inspiration.  

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This Weeks Favorites

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"The Tree of Life"

We put Moringa Oil in all of our products.

The Health Benefits are out of this world.

  • It provides a protective barrier for your skin

  • Repairs skin from damage caused by pollution

  • It works as an anti-aging oil

  • It brings out the natural glow of your skin

  • It fights acne, helps in getting rid of dark spots

  • It cleanses and rejuvenates your skin:

  • It nourishes dry skin.

about this Miracle Tree

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"Pure & Lovely"

Face Serum 

Made with only the BEST in essential oils and healing ingredients. My absolute

BEST SELLER! My customers call it a miracle oil!

Boat on Lake

“He reached down from on high

and took hold of me;

He drew me out of the Deep Waters”

2 Samuel 22:17

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